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DVD Animation Fundamentals

 DVD Animation Fundamentals
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Blender: Animation Fundamentals V1

Instructor: Beorn Leonard
Produced by: CG Cookie

This new training series covers all the fundamentals of Character Animation in Blender. Some highlights include fundamental exercises, timing and spacing, working with overlapping motion, animating walk and run cycles for film or games, understanding IK and FK, using the Grease Pencil for animation sketches, and much, much more! You can view the complete chapter breakdown below.

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Training Series Overview:

Screen Shots:

Blender Animation

Running in Blender

Bouncing Ball Animation

Details and Disc Contents

  • Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
  • Length: Approx 6hours of video training
  • Size: 1280x720, 30fps
  • Includes Reference images and blend files

By Purchasing this DVD you support the Blender Foundation projects.

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