David Revoy – Blend & Paint


1) Blender Quickstart

This section is for beginners, especially targeted at 2D artists, who want to learn the essential 3D tools to produce a 3D render for a paint-over.

a) Blender UI

b) Blender Basics

c) Blender Modeling part 1

d) Blender Modeling part 2

e) Blender Light/Camera/Render

2) Making the Illustration "The mission"

The main section shows all steps for 3d modeling and painting a highly detailed environment with a city, trees, spaceship and people. This section is still work in progress, and the author might take side-steps with other illustrations to demonstrate techniques.

a) Mission - Modeling the spaceship

b) Mission - Modeling the background

c) Mission - Light and rendering

d) Mission - Texturing

e) Mission - Render and layers

f) Mission - Import in Gimp

g) Mission - Gimp part a

h) Mission - Gimp part b

i) Mission - Gimp part c

j) Mission - Gimp part d

k) Mission - Mypaint part a

l) Mission - Mypaint part b

m) Mission - Mypaint part c

n) Mission - Mypaint part d

Bonus and extra documentation on the DVD